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Introduction. If you like your windows clean and free of any smudge or stain, but do not have the time and/or resources just leave it to your local Window Cleaners in Surrey. We offer premium and affordable window washing services in your local area in Surrey. Whether you need a one time wash or a regular clean up of your house, apartment or office, just get in touch with our 24×7 customer service representative or order on our App or online and get a free quote.

Window Washing – A Specialist’s Job. Despite the common notion that window washing is a chore, it is a specialist;s job as it requires lot of care, planning and precautions. We use only de-ionized water from our portable filtration plant for cleaning so that no marks or stains are left after the water drys out. We take all safety precautions and use latest technology like the ladder levelers, rubber bumpers, stand off arms etc to ensure safety of our workers and your stuff.

No Stain Process. Our 4 step process of window washing, as mentioned below, will leave all your windows spotlessly clean:-

1.) The grease and other sticky particles are loosened using soft brushing and swabbing with soap.

2.) Our special glass razors remove any paint, stickers etc.

3.) Glass is squeegeed by trained professionals.

4.) Sills and edges are cleaned, completing the cleaning process.

Conclusion. For hassle free window cleaning services in your locality, just contact us through call, online message, App or visit and avail our discounts. We will take care of your windows in the best possible manner.

Seven Steps of Cleaning Windows

Sometimes you may not like the act of cleaning the windows. However, cleaned windows make the houses look neat. Experts recommend that cleaning the windows twice a year is the best way to keep the windows cleaned.

The following are seven steps that are followed to clean the windows as an expert.

Step 1

It involves cleaning window with the strip applicator. The strip applicator head is dipped in soapy water where it absorbs soapy water and it is brought into contact with the window. It removes the loose dirt minus scratching the windows.

Step 2

It entails wiping the windows with a squeegee. When using a squeegee, you should start wiping the window from the top left, and then moving the squeegee through the soapy window pane in a reverse S-shape.

Step 3

It involves drying of any water on the edges of window glass using a damp wrung-dry chamois. The damp wrung-dry chamois dry the wetness on the windows without leaving any streak.

Step 4

In this step, squeegee which matches the window panes is used to clean divided-light windows.

Step 5

This involves cleaning multipane windows. Hog-bristle brush or handled sponge is recommended for cleaning the multipane windows. The hog-bristle or handled sponge is dipped into liquid soap in water and after absorbing the soapy water, it is used to wipe the window panes from top to bottom, and left to right, moving the hog-bristle or handled sponge edges towards the corners of the window pane to remove the dirt.

Step 6

In step six, the squeegee is pulled down every window pane in one stroke from the top to the bottom of the window pane. After this stroke, the window panes are cleaned with a rag to ensure no streak is left.

Step 7

A powder is mixed into a paste on a wet towel which is used to remove the stubborn stains on the window. The glass is rinsed and squeegeed twice to remove any residue.

But if all else fails, you could always hire some professional window cleaners to do the job for you!

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People are very different and it is impossible to find two people who are exactly the same, so it is no surprise that there are many different people who have different opinions and ideas when it comes to cleaning, whether it be cleaning the interior of your house, or the exterior, such as your windows, which is exactly where we come in.

After spending many years working for a top window cleaning company, learning all of the tricks of the trade and becoming pretty much an expert in all things window cleaning, I have decided to go it alone, by starting up my very own window cleaning service. So if you are one of these people who would rather have someone clean your windows for you, then you have come to the right place.