Seven Steps of Cleaning Windows

Sometimes you may not like the act of cleaning the windows. However, cleaned windows make the houses look neat. Experts recommend that cleaning the windows twice a year is the best way to keep the windows cleaned.

The following are seven steps that are followed to clean the windows as an expert.

Step 1

It involves cleaning window with the strip applicator. The strip applicator head is dipped in soapy water where it absorbs soapy water and it is brought into contact with the window. It removes the loose dirt minus scratching the windows.

Step 2

It entails wiping the windows with a squeegee. When using a squeegee, you should start wiping the window from the top left, and then moving the squeegee through the soapy window pane in a reverse S-shape.

Step 3

It involves drying of any water on the edges of window glass using a damp wrung-dry chamois. The damp wrung-dry chamois dry the wetness on the windows without leaving any streak.

Step 4

In this step, squeegee which matches the window panes is used to clean divided-light windows.

Step 5

This involves cleaning multipane windows. Hog-bristle brush or handled sponge is recommended for cleaning the multipane windows. The hog-bristle or handled sponge is dipped into liquid soap in water and after absorbing the soapy water, it is used to wipe the window panes from top to bottom, and left to right, moving the hog-bristle or handled sponge edges towards the corners of the window pane to remove the dirt.

Step 6

In step six, the squeegee is pulled down every window pane in one stroke from the top to the bottom of the window pane. After this stroke, the window panes are cleaned with a rag to ensure no streak is left.

Step 7

A powder is mixed into a paste on a wet towel which is used to remove the stubborn stains on the window. The glass is rinsed and squeegeed twice to remove any residue.

But if all else fails, you could always hire some professional window cleaners to do the job for you!

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